Aging Skin

January 10, 2018
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Skin is often the first visible manifestation of the aging process. With sun damage, environmental toxins, harsh products and natural aging, the skin becomes taxed and experiences increased fragility as well as a reduction in nutrient availability.

These changes lead to an overall dull and loose appearance as well as a decrease in the protective barrier. Aging skin has a diminished ability to respond to stress; therefore, skin damage from other sources can enhance the signs of skin aging. This is particularly true for ultraviolet (UV) exposure because antioxidant capacity, immune function, and melanin production may be lessened in damaged or aged skin.

It used to be believed that the intrinsic skin aging couldn't be avoided and that the cumulative effects of decades of skin wear couldn't be reversed, however with advanced botanical technology using the powerful healing nature of plants and flowers, we now know different. It is important to understand that the skin, is self-repairing, self-maintaining and made from the nutrients provided in your diet.

It is imperative that you look holistically at your whole body and lifestyle because skincare products can only amplify the effects of good diet and healthy lifestyle choices. With that in mind, it makes sense to ensure that the skincare products you choose are the healthiest and most effective available.

In order to understand how to maintain flawless and ageless skin, it is crucial to understand the most important component of the skin: collagen. Here are some key points about collagen. The word "collagen" is derived from the Greek "kolla," meaning glue.

Collagen gives the skin its strength and structure, and also plays a role in the replacement of dead skin cells. Collagen production declines with age (as part of intrinsic aging), and is reduced by exposure to ultraviolet light and other environmental factors (extrinsic aging). 

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